Gta San Andreas V

Eik nx

Alpha Test. v0,01



Modification is on progress and can't be published now. Download link is coming soon for free!

Screenshoots of gameplay ar coming soon! 
GTA V Hud Added.
New Enb Series for Gta San Andreas V Low Pc version.
New weapons.
GTA V Weapon changing menu.
Wasted and Busted like in GTA V.
GTA V Water graphics.
Some of GTA V cars added.
Los Santos buildings looks like GTA V buildings.
New CJ house.
Slow Motion mode while changing weapon.
GTA V map style.
GTA V radio changing hud.

Every 10 minutes "gta_sa.exe" for low pc (win 7) stops working. -FIXING IT.
Sometimes game doesn't starts because of GTA_IV_HUD.asi error. -FIXING IT.